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FIZ AutoDoc News

March 2014

Navigation menu updated and extended to support new services

March 2014

New document rental service

March 2014

New order form for copyright permissions purchase

March 2014

New order form “Lend a book”

March 2014

Updated FIZ AutoDoc Price List

February 2014

Next Step in the Evolution of Scientific Information Access: DeepDyve and FIZ Karlsruhe Partner to Offer Document Rental Services to FIZ AutoDoc Clients

Full Copyright Compliance

As an international service with document suppliers and customers in different countries, FIZ AutoDoc frees you from your copyright concerns:

FIZ AutoDoc / FIZ Karlsruhe only partners with organizations which comply with their national copyright rules.

FIZ AutoDoc automatically handles any different copyright rules and royalty payments for you (e.g. using the US Copyright Clearance Center's Catalog)

All contractual document suppliers are obliged to pay the relevant copyright fees to their national clearing houses.

Please note: Our price list shows the copyright fees charged per document ordered and supplied by the various contractual suppliers.
Publisher fixed copyright fees are displayed online and must be approved during the order process.