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März 2014

The latest release of the new STN platform, provides enhanced features and content that enable searchers to work more proficiently

Februar 2014

Access INFULL and DEFULL databases with STN Viewer

Januar 2014

DWPI: Latest Manual Code Revision goes live

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Searching DWPI polymer indexing on STN

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In this Thomson Reuters and STN session learn how to efficiently search and find the patents you need on plastics, rubbers and other polymers with the help of Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) Polymer Indexing. We will show you how DWPI Polymer Indexing on STN simplifies your search, e.g. for advanced engineering resins and common plastics that usually need to be searched using a variety of names, not to mention the different language variations. This e-Seminar will introduce you to the coverage of DWPI Polymer Indexing system and how to construct queries for it on STN. It will be both a refresher/update for experts, and a useful introduction for those who are less familiar with the capabilities of DWPI on STN.