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May 2014

ICSD now contains 169,800 crystal structures

January 2014

International Year of Crystallography 2014

November 2013

ICSD now contains 166,842 crystal structures


ICSD Web is a host-based internet solution for institutions that would like to reduce their TCO, while at the same time offering their users easy-to-use, highly efficient web access to the database.

The ICSD Web login page can be found here.


At present, the ICSD contains more than 169,800 entries, including

  • 1,854 crystal structures of the elements
  • 33,112 records for binary compounds
  • 63,927 records for ternary compounds
  • 59,327 records for quarternary and quintenary compounds
  • About 133,000 entries (79%) have been assigned a structure type.
    There are currently 7,449 structure prototypes.

Detailed information on the ICSD may be found in the scientific manual.


New Features

  • Enhanced search functionality: easy to use and intuitive search interface.
  • Easy analysis of large and complex data sets.
  • Simple and powerful query management: load, modify and save queries.
  • Personalization/User Profiles for IP access based accounts

 New Features

The ICSD Web interface is divided into 6 parts:
(1.) The header shows a welcome message. The “Logout” button allows you to leave the current session. After database searches have been performed, a “Print” button will appear.
(2.) The Navigation allows you to jump back to the “Basic Search” form, to access specialized pages for performing advanced searches, and to manage your queries.
(3.) The main interface is the central working place for the ICSD. Here you can enter and refine searches.
(4.) The search action field allows you to run, save and clear your current query.
(5.) In the search summary field preliminary numbers of results are shown.
(6.) The Query History field contains your last 30 performed searches and allows you to access them quickly and conveniently.


New Features


 Many options are available for display and analysis of results.  

Demo Login / Order ICSD

Demo Login

In order to get an idea of the features and contents of ICSD you are invited to request a demonstration account.
Please go to the Login page and select the "Get Demo Account" button top left of the page.

Order ICSD

Orders for ICSD can be placed on our Web order form. Please have a look at the pricelist and our terms and conditions.