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May 2014

ICSD now contains 169,800 crystal structures

January 2014

International Year of Crystallography 2014

November 2013

ICSD now contains 166,842 crystal structures

Query Management

The query management system (QMS) for ICSDWeb allows the user to load, save, modify and delete queries.

Load/Modify Queries

The user may select a query from the list of available queries by activating the corresponding check box. The selected query may be either loaded into the system by pressing the “Load into Masks”-button or may be run directly by pressing the “Run Query”-button.
Additionally, a user is allowed to change the Query Name and the Comment after clicking the "Modify Details"-button. The changes are saved by pressing the "Save Details"-button

Save Queries

The “Save Queries Interface” allows the user to store those unsaved queries that are available in the Query History Section in a two or three step procedure. Pressing the “Save Queries”- button returns the system to the screen from which the Save Queries interface was activated, originally.

Delete Queries

Using the Delete Queries interface the user may delete previously saved queries from ICSD permanently. To do so, the user selects queries by activating the check box and pressing the “Delete Queries” button.