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Juli 2014

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Juli 2014

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Support of ISBN-13

14. März 2012

  • FIZ AutoDoc now supports 13-digit ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) in addition to 10-digit ISBNs on the “Others” order form.
  • This order form for other, non-journal and non-patent literature (conference proceedings, books, reports, articles from books, etc.) can be accessed via "New Order" ⇒ "via Order Form" and the "Document Type" ⇒ "Others" drop-down menu.
  • Orders for these types of “other literature” always need to be intellectually analyzed by our experienced FIZ AutoDoc Service Team and are therefore processed manually. For this extra time and effort, an additional manual processing fee will incur. Some orders of this literature have to be purchased from external sources and delivery may be delayed. You will be notified by our staff, if the requested delivery mode is not available.