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Neue Features von FIZ AutoDoc (inkl. Dokumente zur Miete)

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Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek geht in den Regelbetrieb

März 2014

BINE-Projektinfo: Rohrleitungen umweltschonender verlegen

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PATINFO 2014- 36. Kolloquium der Technischen Universität Ilmenau über Patentinformation, Ilmenau, Jun 04.-06.

FIZ AutoDoc Outsourcing services: Temporary replacement service

05. August 2011

  • Upon request, the FIZ AutoDoc service team will take care of your end users' needs if your corporate library is closed for vacation.
  • All orders from end users can either be executed immediately or collected and forwarded to your corporate library as a package after your vacation.
  • The FIZ AutoDoc service team is also ready to offer customer support to your end users if you have a temporary staff shortage due to illness or other reasons.
  • Do you have any further questions regarding this service? Please feel free to contact our FIZ AutoDoc service team at: autodoc(at)fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de or Tel.: (+49 7247) 808-333