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FIZ AutoDoc as a document delivery service for users of Scopus and Reaxys®

23. Mai 2012

FIZ AutoDoc has been integrated as a document delivery service into the following ELSEVIER online tools:

  • SciVerse Scopus
  • Reaxys®

As a consequence, users of SciVerse Scopus and Reaxys® can now directly link to FIZ AutoDoc from their results view and easily procure the full-text of a document via FIZ AutoDoc.

To benefit from this new ELSEVIER full-text linking option based on OpenURL technology

  1. users of SciVerse Scopus and Reaxys® need a FIZ AutoDoc LoginID or STN LoginID
  2. full-text linking options in SciVerse Scopus and/or Reaxys® have to be customized adequately

SciVerse Scopus users can customize their full-text linking options

  1. by contacting the SCOPUS e-helpdesk and requesting the specific link for FIZ AutoDoc to be enabled for them,
  2. by enabling the link themselves via their Administration Tool

Reaxys® users can do this by contacting the helpdesk nlinfo(at)elsevier(dot)com and requesting the specific link for FIZ AutoDoc to be enabled for them.

As soon as the full-text link has been appropriately customized in the ELSEVIER online tool, a "FIZ AutoDoc" button is available in the results view. By clicking this button the user is linked to the FIZ AutoDoc login screen. By entering the FIZ AutoDoc or STN LoginID the bibliographic data of the ELSEVIER application are automatically transferred to FIZ AutoDoc and populate the corresponding entry boxes on the order form. After checking the order data, the user can comfortably place his document order in FIZ AutoDoc.

See how it works:
Fulltext linking from SciVerse Scopus to FIZ AutoDoc
Fulltext linking from Reaxys® to FIZ AutoDoc


Reaxys® and the Reaxys® trademark are owned and protected by Elsevier Properties SA. All rights reserved.