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FIZ AutoDoc as document delivery service for CAS DDS customers

28. February 2011

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) is discontinuing its Document Detective Service (DDS) as of March 31, 2011:

After March 31, 2011, CAS customers who order documents from CAS DDS by selecting “Order Document” from the CAS Full Text Options “Fee-based document services” will see that FIZ AutoDoc has replaced CAS DDS as the default document provider.
For ordering full-text documents through FIZ AutoDoc, CAS DDS customers must setup a FIZ AutoDoc account. An easy-to-use “Instant Account Setup” registration feature will be available online as soon as the “Order Document” option is used.
To setup a FIZ AutoDoc account in advance, CAS DDS customers should visit:


FIZ AutoDoc partners with renowned national and international scientific libraries, document suppliers, aggregators and publishers. It has a proven high fulfillment rate and highest level of customer satisfaction. FIZ AutoDoc provides customers with: 

  • original-color PDF documents straight from the publisher 
  • flexible delivery options (e-mail, fax, and regular mail)
  • flexible ordering options
  • full copyright compliance
  • collective monthly billing in U.S. dollars (Credit card payment is not available with FIZ AutoDoc.)