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INIS - International Nuclear Information System

INIS - International Nuclear Information System

The bibliographic database INIS is produced in international co-operation, coordinated by the IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency. It provides scientists in R&D with bibliographic information on the fields of nuclear research and technology. INIS was established in 1970 with the aim to foster the exchange of scientific and technical information on peaceful uses of atomic energy.  The currently 123 INIS member countries and 24 international organizations supply citations of the literature published in their countries and institutions.

Subject Coverage

  • Nuclear energy, nuclear fuels, nuclear and fusion reactors, instrumentation
  • Engineering science and technology
  • Life sciences (effects of external radiation, radionuclides, radiation protection, safety, rnvironmental aspects)
  • Physics (general physics, high-energy physics, neutron and nuclear physics)
  • Isotopes, isotope applications, radiation sources
  • Safety monitoring and control
  • Nuclear waste, storage, management etc.
  • Economic aspects, nuclear saw
  • Aspects of chemistry, mathematics, materials sciences, and geosciences connected with nuclear power

Journals, conference proceedings, research reports, books, and other non-conventional literature. The database covers publications in 63 languages. There is an English abstract for most records. About 100,000 entries are added each year.

Full-text supply
The full-texts of about  250,000 citations/records are directly accessible.