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New on STN

Juli 2014

Latest release of new STN now available, expands global patent coverage and enhances search capabilities

Juli 2014

Retrieved BATCH results in DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN are now available for 30 days

Juli 2014

CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates

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ICIC 2014, Heidelberg, 12.-14. Oct

EPOPIC - EPO Patent Information Conference, Warsaw, 04.-06. Nov

5. IP Service World, Munich, 24.-25. Nov

STN User Meetings

Espoo, 21.08.2014
Bern, 21.10.2014
Essen, 28.10.2014

News Messages 2003

CROPU no longer be updated 29. Dezember 2003

As from 2004, production of updates for CROPU will be stopped. The database remains static. As a consequence, SDI profiles will no longer be run.

German (DE) application and patent publication number changes as of Jan. 2004 26. Dezember 2003

The German patent office (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt) will extend their application numbering format by January 1st, 2004 in order to provide for an increasing number of applications. This applies for all applications filed from 01 Jan 2004 onwards. The corresponding publication numbers will...

DGENE enhanced with new display fields LS and LS2 23. Dezember 2003

DGENE (Derwent GENESEQ) containing nucleotide and peptide sequences from basic patents of 40 patent issuing authorities has been enhanced with two new display fields.

STN Entry Date available for display in REGISTRY & CA/CAplus 12. Dezember 2003

Effective December 7, 2003, the STN Entry Date is available for display in REGISTRY/ZREGISTRY and the CA/CAplus family of files. The STN Entry Date represents the date when one or more fields from the record became searchable on STN.

Experimental property data collected by CAS now available in REGISTRY 06. Dezember 2003

Starting on December 8, 2003, experimental property values collected by CAS will be added to the CAS Registry file. By mid-December 2003, approximately 58,000 compounds in the CAS Registry file will be enhanced with over 70,000 experimental property values for 13 key properties collected by CAS...

BIOTECHNO no longer be updated 29. November 2003

As from 2004, BIOTECHNO will no longer be updated. The database remains static. As a consequence, SDI profiles will no longer be run. An option for current biotechnology searches are the following databases:

MSDS-CCOHS file reloaded 19. November 2003

On November 23, the MSDS-CCOHS file on STN was reloaded with 130,859 records. The Language (/LA) field has been removed. Enter NEWS FILE in the MSDS-CCOHS file for further details. Enter HELP CONTENT in the file to see how to restrict answers to French or English.

NEWS EXPRESS 17. November 2003

CURRENT WINDOWS VERSION IS V6.01c CURRENT MACINTOSH VERSION IS V6.0b (ENG) and V6.0Jb (JP), and current DISCOVER file is dated 23 September 2003

BIOSIS, file segment of TOXCENTER reloaded and enhanced 30. Oktober 2003

The BIOSIS file segment in TOXCENTER has been reloaded. A number of enhancements have been implemented that make the content of the BIOSIS file segment in TOXCENTER more complete and easier to search. The enhancements made as a result of the reload include:

BIOSIS file reloaded and enhanced 17. Oktober 2003

BIOSIS was reloaded on October 19, 2003. The following changes were made as a result of the reload:

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