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Juli 2014

Retrieved BATCH results in DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN are now available for 30 days

Juli 2014

CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates

Juni 2014

New Emtree Release Includes Changes in Cell Line Terminology

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News Messages 2004

WPIFV - new on STN 24. March 2004

WPIFV (Derwent World Patent Index First View) has been released on March 28, 2004.

PS (Pharmaceutical Substances) - new on STN 20. March 2004

Effective March 28, 2004, a new pharmaceutical database, PS (Pharmaceutical Substances) is available on STN. to be disabled 17. March 2004

As of May 2004, the host name (IP address: will be disabled due to a reorganisation of the access lines to STN Karlsruhe. Please use instead in order to access STN International via Telnet and change your communication settings of STN...

MEDLINE file segment of TOXCENTER reloaded 14. March 2004

On February 29, 2004, the MEDLINE file segment of TOXCENTER was reloaded, incorporating the 2004 MeSH vocabulary. For complete details, enter HELP RLOAD in the file.

MEDLINE and LMEDLINE reloaded 10. March 2004

On February 29, 2004, MEDLINE was reloaded, incorporating the 2004 MeSH vocabulary. For complete details, enter HELP RLOAD in the file. The revised MEDLINE Database Summary Sheet is available in STNGUIDE and at:

FRANCEPAT - new on STN 06. March 2004

FRANCEPAT (French Patents Database) has been released on STN on February 29, 2004

A new search aid, the Company Name Thesaurus, available in CA/CAplus 30. January 2004

The Company Name Thesaurus search aid identifies related forms of the most frequently occurring names for major companies in records in the CA/CAplus family of files from 1907 to the present. To access the search aid, use standard thesaurus functionality in the new /CO search field in the CA/CAplus...

Source of Registration (SR) information in REGISTRY updated and searchable 28. January 2004

Source of Registration information, which has been displayable in the SR field, is now searchable as a bound phrase in the /SR search field. The SR field in REGISTRY indicates the initial reason the substance was registered in the CAS Registry. All substances registered since mid-1985 (CAS RN...

NEWS EXPRESS 25. January 2004


IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB reloaded with new data and search fields 21. January 2004

IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB have been reloaded on STN. A number of enhancements have been implemented that make the content in IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB more complete and easier to search. The enhancements include: