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New on STN

July 2014

Retrieved BATCH results in DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN are now available for 30 days

July 2014

CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates

June 2014

New Emtree Release Includes Changes in Cell Line Terminology

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STN User Meetings

Bern, 21.10.2014
Essen, 28.10.2014
Frankfurt am Main, 07.11.2014

STN Sneak Preview, your training key to STN

The STN Sneak Preview gives you access to 6 learning databases on STN International using the STN on the Web Interface.

File Name




The BIBLIODATA Learning file



The Patents Citation Index Learning file



The Derwent Drug (DRUGU) Learning file



The Training file for learning how to use INSPEC



The PATDPA Learning file



The WPI Learning file


Follow this link if you feel ready to start a STN Sneak Preview session!

These usage terms and restrictions apply to the STN Sneak Preview:

  • Access to the learning databases is free of charge
  • The access time is limited 15 minutes only
  • You may login as often as you like
  • A limited number of simultaneous users are allowed. If access is denied, please try again later.
  • The full STN command language command set and functionality is available in the STN Sneak Preview. 
  • Basic knowledge about the STN command language and other STN features is required to run successful learning sessions.
  • However some critical functions are disabled to prevent misuse.

STN on the Web main features at a glance:

  • Web-browser access to STN
  • Full functionality for information professionals
    • All STN databases
    • Full STN command functionality
    • Command file upload capability
    • Complete session history available during session and as a transcript
  • Menu-driven interaction via Assistants
    • Search
    • Results
    • Transcript
    • Patent Search
    • Sequence Search
    • Alerts
  • Chemical structure searching
  • Full-text solution
  • Hyperlinks
    • internal (related documents etc.)
    • external (Internet sources etc.)
    • Citing References
    • help
    • documentation
  • Integrated text and images
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Secure session feature (https)
  • Convenient access to STN documentation
  • Detailed description of STN on the Web features

Use these links to acquire more knowledge about STN, the databases, the STN command language and other services offered:

Detailed information about the STN command language
Spectrum of STN databases
Contact our Help Desk
Do you want to try the real thing? Establish an STN Account!
More documentation? e.g. topic specific workshop material