Our Mission Statement: Advancing Science

Committed to promoting the further development of the sciences.

Our mission is to act as a service provider and partner to researchers, to provide the tools and conditions needed to pose cutting-edge research questions, and undertake innovative research endeavors.

Our Goal: To Support All Aspects of the Scientific Value Creation Chain

All of the information services provided by FIZ Karlsruhe are informed by the goal of supporting the entire scientific value creation chain. Specifically, this mean we aim to support all aspects of research work, from initial idea development and experimentation to analysis, data aggregation, and publication.


Researchers need comprehensive solutions that can be flexibly integrated into existing structures and processes. 


Yet a solution is only "comprehensive" if it takes into account the entire research process – that is, all aspects of the scientific value creation chain. This stands in sharp contrast to earlier practice, which focused on publications or patents as the end product.


The intermediate steps and findings in a research process are of great importance, however. Preliminary studies, intermediate findings, and primary data have an intrinsic value that is often overlooked.

Advancing Science

...also reflects an additional trend: Researchers must now cope with increasing competition while working under budget limitations. As a consequence, collaboration and sharing between researchers are taking on increasing importance, as is the re-use of past research data.