“Electronic Library of Mathematics“ (eLibM)

Building a Publication Platform for Mathematical Open Access Journals

The aim of the project is to build and offer a platform for a peer review OA publishing process of mathematical journals using open source software. A broad mathematics specific infrastructure is set up, within which the specific requirements for mathematical publications and their preparation are already included in the production process. Open Journal System“ (OJS) will be the technical backbone accompanied by additional mathematics-specific developments.


The main focuses are specifically tailored solutions for mathematical demands e.g. the processing and management of TeX manuscripts, mathematical formula search and inclusion of mathematical software. This infrastructure is flanked by optional value-added services by FIZ Karlsruhe, such as technical and organizational support in relation to the use of the platform, editorial services, metadata standardization, reference linking, usage statistics, etc.


Publishers have the choice to use these services, demand-driven and individually scalable, but usually against a corresponding fee. A financial model is developed that will guarantee cost effective use and maintenance as well as a long-term availability of the platform. The platform is open to new innovative reviewing concepts.

„Documenta Mathematica" by DMV Will Become Part of the Platform

Within the project the German Mathematical Society (DMV) as project partner will shift its publishing environment for the “Documenta Mathematica” to the newly created infrastructure.


The publishing platform will be closely linked to the existing digital library ELibM that provides an archive of a wide range of mathematical journals and excellent integration into international information systems. The project will be carried out with advice and support of academic societies and publishers from the mathematical community.