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The benefits of working at FIZ Karlsruhe

You have previous professional experience? You are confident in your skills and abilities, and looking for a growth opportunity? We offer challenging positions in an international working environment for all career levels. At FIZ Karlsruhe you can advance your professional skills in a people-friendly workplace. We greatly value openness, trust and mutual respect. Sounds like something for you?

Take advantage of excellent opportunities for career development

Our efforts to promote professional development include management coaching, regular feedback meetings, as well as advanced career training. In fostering professional growth, we emphasize the adoption of new technologies and working methods, as well as the enhancement of interpersonal skills. Our educational programs serve to maintain and expand professional qualifications. We are dedicated to supporting the personal growth of each of our employees.

What we offer

  • A scientifically and technologically innovative workplace in a field of business experiencing continuous growth.
  • A dynamic workplace atmosphere in an exciting branch of the information economy as well as the security of working for a public-sector institution.
  • International projects that allow you to develop professional relationships around the globe. You will have the opportunity to work on diverse assignments. We actively encourage networking between our professional departments.
  • An optimal balance between your career and family life. Our working time models (flextime, part-time, work from home) offer great flexibility in configuring your working time.
  • You can begin working at the project, professional or management level and can take advantage of performance-oriented advancement opportunities, including targeted advanced training, coaching and the opportunity to participate in professional symposia and conferences.
  • A supplemental retirement scheme, which we actively support through our membership in the Federal and State Retirement Fund (VBL).
  • Are you looking to return to active working life after a longer pause (for example, parental leave, sick leave or family caregiver leave)? We will provide you with extra support through specially designed re-entry programs and works agreements. You can learn more at: (Link)
  •  You can be assured that we are actively committed to equal opportunity for all of our employees. FIZ Karlsruhe is a three-time recipient of the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award in recognition of our enthusiastic engagement in implementing equal opportunity guidelines.

Candidates should have a strong mastery of their field as well as relevant professional experience. We particularly value:


  • Enjoyment of new challenges
  • A willingness to think "outside the box"
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Independent initiative and a dedication to getting the job done
  • A willingness to take responsibility; strong loyalty
  • Team spirit and very good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent command of German and/or English
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