Research Data Management and Virtual Research Environments

With the rapidly expanding digitization of research across all disciplines, novel solutions are needed for managing scientific data.  


The generation, storage, analysis, and visualization of research data requires effective tools, processes, and systems. Clearly, e-research can only achieve its full potential when research activities are possible in a unified e-research environment.


eSciDoc is a digital repository platform offered by FIZ Karlsruhe for data management in virtual research environments. eSciDoc has been used in numerous projects, including the “Interactive Historical Urban Space” project, which is seeking to create a virtual research environment for urban studies and art history. The project is being undertaken by FIZ Karlsruhe together with external partners.

Interactive Historical Urban Space – A Digital Space-Time Model for Networked Research

Project Interactive Historical Urban Space

The project’s objective is to develop a virtual research environment (VRE) for object and space related research in the humanities.  


The project is using the city of Nuremberg as a test case for demonstrating the capabilities of this novel research approach. Researchers are creating a digital model of a central urban district that will be viewable at three points in time: the early modern period; 1939; and the present. The visualization will include geo-referenced 2D maps and 3D models, allowing the user to navigate the city at will.


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