Research portals on energy efficiency

There is much progress in the area of energy efficiency in Germany. An important reason for this is the German government’s firm intention to realize the “Energiewende” (transition to alternative energy resources).

Therefore, there are many expert reports on energy efficiency and energy research. But not all of this important information reaches those who would like to apply it in industry, trade or private homes.


To help interested persons find their way through the “information jungle”, the BINE editors create and operate many portals dealing with the topic “energy efficiency” on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). These portals are intended for practitioners and collect and make available information on current technology trends in certain areas of energy research.  An additional portal provides information on public funding for energy-efficient measures.

The information portals keep decision-makers in industry and politics, but also specialist media, up to date on the current developments in the field of energy storage, energy-optimized buildings and city quarters, plant technology, and energy efficiency in industry.

BINE specialist portals in brief:

Direct link to ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN website

ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN is a newly created research initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It comprises more than 500 research and model projects examining future-proof buildings and urban quarters. The vision: Buildings and quarters will become intelligently networked energy units.

The website presents all important research results, studies, analyses, key projects, players, and events related to the novel, more networked research.

Target groups are planners, advisors, energy and real estate experts, decision-makers, and scientific editors working in the fields of buildings, urban quarters, and regional energy systems.


  • Kraftwerkforschung – Research for a new generation of power plants

“Kraftwerkforschung – Research for a new generation of power plants” offers information on current trends and research projects. Power plants are still the main sources of energy. Therefore it is of particular importance to develop innovative power plant technologies with an optimal energy generation, reduced emissions, and an efficient connection to the energy infrastructure.  

Target groups are interested experts, teachers, researchers, and scientific media.


Kraftwerkforschung website

    • Eneff:Industrie – Research for energy efficient industry

    EnEff:Industrie keeps decision-makers in industry and politics up to date on current trends and research results for energy saving technologies in industrial applications. Low energy costs strengthen the competitive position of the German industry and its products on the international markets.


    EnEff:Industrie website

    • Energiespeicher – Energy storage initiative

    In the course of the transition to alternative energy resources, renewable energies become increasingly important and their share in the overall energy supply is growing. However, for this type of energy to be used in an optimum way, it has to be stored.  

    “Forschungsinitiative Energiespeicher“ provides decision-makers in industry and politics with information on the latest energy storage technologies and their practical application.   


    Forschung-Energiespeicher website

    • Portal “Forschung für zukunftsfähige Stromnetze”


    Within the scope of the research initiative “Zukunftsfähige Stromnetze” , the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) support projects that foster the development of power grids. The aim is to provide technologies for the further development of power grids and the integration of renewable energy resources.

    The first research projects started in August 2014.  The portal The portal regularly and exhaustively reports on the progress of these activities in close collaboration with the researchers.


    forschung-stromnetze website

    Portals with information on public funding

    • Portal “Energieförderung”

     The portal “Energieförderung“ offers information on governmental funding programs for energy projects of individuals, e.g., for modernization and reconstruction. Subsidies provided by municipalities, the Federal States, the EU, and energy suppliers are also included.   


    The portal is directed at individuals who would like to use modern energy-saving technologies and apply for public funding.

    Energiefö website