EMIS – the mathematics portal

The mathematics portal EMIS offers a central access point to all of FIZ Karlsruhe’s mathematics databases. Also available are a web search engine for mathematics and special pages dealing with selected topics from applied mathematics and the history and didactics of mathematics.

The portal also offers access to ELibM – der Electronic Library of Mathematics, the world’s largest open access virtual library in mathematics.

EMIS website

Electronic Library of Mathematics (eLibM)

The Electronic Library in Mathematics (eLibM) is the world’s largest open access virtual library in mathematics currently available. It was founded in 1995 by the European Mathematical Society and published in cooperation with FIZ Karlsruhe. Today, FIZ Karlsruhe is the sole operator of ELibM.

The ELibM provides centralized access to electronic journals or electronic versions of printed journals.

In 2014, ELibM offered more than 110 journals with a total of more than 70,000 articles, all of which are also searchable in the zbMATH database. In addition, also electronic monographs, collected works, collections of papers, and other web offers in mathematics are available via ELibM. Integrated searching for full texts and metadata is also possible.

eLibM website


EuDML is a digital collection of Open Access mathematics libraries. The digital library was established within the scope of a EU-funded project with 14 European partners. Today it is managed by the EuDML initiative. The connection of full-texts from EuDML with zbMATH makes it an ideal companion to the FIZ products.


EuDML website