MathEduc – the international database for mathematical didactics

MathEduc is the only international reference database in mathematical didactics, covering the theory and practice of the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels as well as teacher training and adult education.

MathEduc comprises publications in mathematical education as well as selected publications in computer science education, popular mathematics, fundamental studies, and applications in other subject areas. The database currently comprises about 160,000 records from publications in more than 30 languages, with an annual increase of more than 5,500 records.

MathEduc is jointly published by FIZ Karlsruhe, the European Mathematical Society, and the Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Mathematik.


FIZ Karlsruhe decided 2016 to support a proposal for a future free access to the database which has been worked out by the editor-in-chief and the German Society of Didactics of Mathematics (GDM).


The German Society of Didactics of Mathematics (GDM) is happy to announce that starting 2017 they will offer the content of MathEduc for free and open to everyone. In addition, it is planned to allow members of the mathematics education community to contribute to the database and create and edit content. This will need some technical work behind the scenes and a lot of organizational and structural work, so MathEduc will be offered in its current form until the replacement platform is up and running.


For any further questions or suggestions regarding the continuation of MathEduc, feel free to contact the editor-in-chief Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp: kortenkamp(at)remove-this.matheduc(dot)org.

MathEduc online access

The database can be accessed via web access. New users are offered a trial search in the demo database, while an IP authentication is required for regular access.


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