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The information service zbMATH provides interlinked information including, publications, authors, references, and software. Searching in zbMATH leads to precise information mathematicians typically need to know: In which media does an author preferentially publish? Who are his collaborators? Which classes of the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) does an author cover? Who is researching what? These questions can comprehensively and accurately be answered through a search in zbMATH.


zbMATH displays this complex information in the author profile clearly arranged. At present, about 860,000 authors are covered by zbMATH, each with his/her own “zbMATH-Identifier“.


The advanced filtering options (by author, publication year, MSC, etc.) allow for a more focused search according to the filter criteria and quickly help answer complex questions such as: Who contributes most to the leading mathematical journals? How has a certain topic evolved over the last century? Which areas have been growing most within the last decade?



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High quality information service and data

Qualified feedback from scientists “enriches” the data. For example, questions on the correct spelling of an author’s name can best be answered by the author himself. The profile pages contain a direct link to a user interface where individual profiles can be corrected or amended. Authors can easily add publications or delete publications that were erroneously listed as their own. Such additions are always thoroughly reviewed by the zbMATH editors before they are included in the author database.   

Shows results in zbMATH with fulltext options, MSC and controlled terms

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Prof. Dr. Klaus Hulek
Editor-in-Chief of Zentralblatt MATH


Access and prices

zbMATH can be directly accessed at www.zbmath.org. The pricing models are flexible. Usually an IP-based 12-month subscription is made. It also includes a CD-ROM with the annual database update. Subscription fees vary according to the size of the institute. Special prices for certain user groups are also available, please contact our distribution partner Springer Science & Business Media, Heidelberg, or Prof. Greuel, editor-in-chief of zbMATH. Trial access with all features is available upon request.

Our Partners

zbMATH is jointly published by FIZ Karlsruhe, the European Mathematical Society, and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It is distributed by Springer Verlag.