Searching and Analyzing with STN International

STN offers you a secure and reliable platform for precise, comprehensive searches. On STN you can find, analyze, and evaluate all relevant information for your business decisions.

Our offer comprises the entire chain of information provision from searches in primary and value-added databases to the analysis of search results and, finally, the procurement of the original full-texts via our document delivery service FIZ AutoDoc.

STN International’s Content– Comprehensive and Pertinent

STN integrates all relevant databases from the world’s most important publishers in the areas of patents, the natural sciences, and technology on one standardized search platform.


This includes databases from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), Elsevier, the European Patent Office (EPO), FIZ Karlsruhe, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO), ProQuest, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. (SIPO), Clarivate Analytics, and many more.


STN International provides users with access to some 100 databases comprising about 1.5 billion documents.

Added value means you get more: At FIZ Karlsruhe specialists check the data for accuracy through data analysis and data interpretation. The work focuses on STN International's patent databases, including the ongoing development and refinement of standardization procedures for patent applicant names and the various systems for numbering patents.

A Focus on Chemistry Databases

For more than thirty years STN has been offering scientists in research and industry access to key chemistry databases from many renowned database producers. The search features allow for chemical structure searches: A structure editor enables targeted searches for chemical structures and reactions.

Professional, Precise Search Options

STN’s search system is specifically engineered for scientific and patent content, allowing for very precise searches for facts, text matches, chemical structures, and biosequences. It is essential for patent searches that the results be comprehensive and do not omit any potential hits (recall).


On the other hand, only those results that best match the search query are desired (precision), and as many unwanted results as possible are to be eliminated. STN’s features are perfectly suited for using both generic queries for high recall and very precise queries in order to obtain the best results possible.

Systematic Patent Analysis Based on Expert Searches

Analysis and visualization of search results are important steps in order to detect new research trends and patent application behavior early, to identify important players, and to discover new options for existing technologies.

Uncompromisingly High Quality

All STN information undergoes a multi-level quality assurance and control process before it is included in the online service. Although the database publishers only accept publications into their databases from reliable sources, another strict quality assurance process is required. A uniform database design is created and the information is standardized throughout all databases.

We are Your Reliable Partner for Business-critical Patent Searches

We place high priority on data security, user privacy, and the confidentiality of your search queries. While public search engines analyze user queries in order to display customized advertising, we do not store or analyze queries or search strategies. And we never determine or disclose to third parties why research and patent information was retrieved from STN databases.


At FIZ, we collect information for you, not about you.

An All-inclusive Service

STN clients value the excellent customer services we provide at no additional cost. These services include assistance with search problems through our Help Desk from a team of experts from various disciplines; detailed, up-to-date information materials and numerous workshops designed for novice and expert users.

Do You Want to Search Yourself or Have Us Conduct Your Search for You?

FIZ Karlsruhe’s search service is an alternative for all professional search departments and searchers who lack the time or human resources to conduct the searches themselves.


FIZ Karlsruhe’s search service is your experienced partner for all your information needs in the fields of science, technology, and patents. We offer expert advice and carry out your searches for you. The search on your topic of interest will be carried out by a team of experts from numerous scientific disciplines. All team members are information professionals with many years of search experience.


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