FIZ Search Service

Our search service is designed for clients who do not conduct their own patent searching or are unable to do so because of a lack of knowledge or resources. This makes it possible for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) to minimize their investment risks.


FIZ’s staff performs searches on behalf of clients using STN databases and compiles the results for presentation. All team members are information professionals with many years of search experience.


Searches can be contracted in the fields of patents, chemistry (including structural searches), bio- sequences, and toxicology (the REACH regulation).

Our Service

  • Preparing the search — we listen to you

We combine expert search skills with professional, detailed advice. For a search to be successful, it is essential that the search strategy, the search itself, and the analysis of the results be prepared and carried out in close dialog with you, the customer. We thoroughly prepare the search together with you in order to obtain precisely the results you need. Communication matters – especially at this preparatory stage.


  • The search results — accurate, comprehensive information tailored to your needs

We help you handle your results. We offer you detailed advice and assistance in efficiently analyzing the results according to your requirements, e.g. according to scientific or patent-relevant criteria. Or experts evaluate the results and present them in a concise manner, e.g. as tables and diagrams. To ensure that the results meet the highest quality standards, they are examined by a second experienced searcher in-house. You will receive optimum search results within the agreed cost frame.


  • Your benefit and competitive advantage

Depending on your search objective you can use your search as a basis for your future business orientation. The freshly obtained information may help you to avoid patent disputes or expensive duplicate research, to monitor your competitors, and to identify new technological trends in time. A good search is essential to protect your products in foreign markets and to prevent them from being copied by others.

Our searches focus on:

  • State of the art searches needed to enter new fields of research
  • Freedom-to-operate searches for new product developments
  • Opposition searches to protect your patent portfolio
  • Novelty/patentability searches for patent applications
  • Validity searches for patent opinions
  • Searches for company and inventor names needed for competitive intelligence
  • Patent statistics and anaylsis



  • New materials
  • Chemical compounds, e.g., pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Markush Structures
  • Biological sequences, e.g., antibodies
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Process engineering
  • and more

Please contact us

FIZ Karlsruhe Search Service
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e-mail: searchservice(at)remove-this.fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de

FIZ Karlsruhe Helpdesk hours of operation are from: 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (CET) Monday - Friday.