Service for STN Customers:
Implementation of Scripts

Our Search Service will be happy to implement scripts for automated STN search profiles in one or more databases for you. All features of the powerful STN retrieval language are available.  Scripts are particularly useful for the following applications:

  • Executing manual alerts including searching in a multi-file environment, deduplication, display of answers and creation of one or more transcripts
  • Monitoring chemical structures in all relevant CAS, Derwent, and ReaxysFile databases including  deduplication in patent documents and a combined display of new patent and/or literature records and hit structures
  • Complex patent analysis for multiple data fields, e.g., in INPADOC (combined statistics for bibliographic and legal status data)
  • Search support for inexperienced STN users in case of recurring search requests

For a free cost estimate, please contact +49-(0)7247-808 555 or searchservice(at)remove-this.fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de. We will develop the appropriate profile together with you.