STN® – Precise Search for Information Professionals

STN – The Choice of Patent Experts

STN is an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned. It is highly valued by firms active in chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, as well as patent offices, lawyers and research institutions.


The neutral platform STN provides a single point of access to the premium content of the relevant databases from the world’s most important publishers in the areas of patents, the natural sciences, and technology. On STN this content is combined with highly developed tools and functions for retrieval, analysis and visualization. STN’s search system is specifically engineered for scientific and patent content, allowing searches for text matches, chemical structures, and biosequences.


Several interfaces with specialized features and content are available at They have been tailored to the needs of different user groups. Alternatively we offer the FIZ Search Service. In this case our experts perform searches on behalf of clients using STN databases and compile the results for presentation.


Subsequently to your search our integrated document delivery Service  FIZ AutoDoc provides you easy and fast access to full-text journal articles and patents.


STN helps to find the business-critical information needed by your company for your own research and innovation processes. The information on STN is an indispensable resource for:


  • Protecting valuable company know-how, and
  • Avoiding patent disputes,
  • Avoiding expensive duplicate research
  • Monitoring the patenting behavior of your competitors.


In order to protect your company’s internal know-how, to safeguard competitive advantages related to your patent portfolio, and to maintain the company’s innovative strength a professional search is absolutely essential.



STN – A long-standing successful partnership

Since 1984, STN International has been jointly operated and furthered by a close collaboration between FIZ Karlsruhe and CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), based in Columbus, Ohio.