Enhanced research enables new scientific working methods.

Scientific working methods are changing. Teams of researchers now regularly work together in virtual environments, independent of time and place. This is facilitating new transdisciplinary approaches, as well as novel forms of collaboration. However, none of this would be possible without research environments that provide a common platform for all relevant digital resources while at the same time offering the tools needed to process, publish, store, and archive research data.


But fast networks, servers, and storage systems are just half of the equation. Also essential are the software applications used by researchers to manage and share information. FIZ Karlsruhe implements and operates enhanced research (e-research) solutions in the following areas:


  • e-Content platforms
  • Research data management
  • Virtual research environments
  • Long-term digital storage


To provide these services, we generally rely on repository platforms that unite all services and features. We have extensive experience with such systems thanks to numerous joint research projects as well as partnerships with other research organizations, academic institutions, and the private sector.    


In developing these systems, we consistently apply insights derived from applied research projects, thus ensuring that our products and services are always cutting edge and true to our motto: “Advancing Science”.

Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners in the field of e-research include research organizations (such as the Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society), academic institutions, foundations, libraries (such as the German National Library and Baden-Württemberg State Archive), scientific associations, and publishers.