Numbers, formulas, and algorithms are the lifeblood of scientific progress. Indeed, for researchers in a variety of fields, access to the current professional literature in mathematics is essential. Our internationally renowned zbMATH information service, is the world’s most comprehensive reference database for mathematical research.

zbMATH: Comprehensive, Current, and Easy to Use

zbMATH is a service that collects abstracts and reviews on current publications in pure and applied mathematics. The idea behind the service is simple yet powerful: Mathematicians around the world exchange ideas through review articles on current publications; we make these review articles available from a single source. This provides readers with a quick overview of current mathematics literature, eliminating the need to read a large number of professional journals.

zbMATH is the most comprehensive review and abstracting service in mathematics. The database includes all available published and refereed articles, books, conferences as well as other publication formats from more than 3,500 journals and 1,100 serials – from 1755 to the present. More than 100,000 publications are added to the database each year.


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Other Products from FIZ Karlsruhe for Mathematicians

  • EMIS

The EMIS mathematics portal provides a single point of access to all mathematics databases and digital libraries maintained by FIZ Karlsruhe.


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  • Electronic Library of Mathematics (ELibM)


The ELibM is currently the most comprehensive platform for open-access publications in mathematics.


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  • EuDML

The EuDML is a digital collection of open-access mathematics libraries. FIZ Karlsruhe is a partner in the European network that operates the EuDML.


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  • MathEduc (previously MATHDI)


Mathematics is generally considered a difficult subject. However, teaching methods largely determine how difficult it is to learn new material. For this reason, didactic considerations are playing a growing role in mathematics and informatics. MathEduc is a bibliographic database of international publications in the field of mathematics education. It also covers selected publications in informatics education.


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swMATH: Your Source for Information on Mathematics Software

swMATH is a freely accessible and innovative portal that provides information about mathematics software.


Modern mathematics would be unthinkable without software applications and the computers that run them. Mathematics software is used to model, analyze, and calculate numeric, symbolic, and geometric data. In a broad variety of fields, mathematics software is an essential component of research and development activities.


swMATH is an innovative service that provides information about mathematics software. FIZ Karlsruhe developed the service after recognizing the symbiotic relationship between mathematics and software. 


swMATH allows users to quickly identify the journal articles that have cited a given software application. This provides insight into how the software application has been used. In addition, the number and type of citations provide an indication of the software's quality.   


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Mathematics Information Research

  • DeLiVerMATH: A project to automate the collection of mathematics publication content.


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  • MathSearch: In this project FIZ Karlsruhe is developing methods for the semantic analysis of mathematic formulas. The goal is to make mathematic formulas searchable in the zbMATH database.


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Counting on Community: Our Partnerships and Cooperative Activities

FIZ Karlsruhe works closely with a number of international partners to further develop its information services in mathematics and informatics. Our Partners:


  • European Mathematical Society (EMS)
  • Heidelberg Academy of Sciences
  • Springer (academic publisher)
  • More than 7,000 mathematicians who contribute reviews
  • Outside editors in 12 countries