Patents Contain Technical Knowledge That is not Available Anywhere Else.

Patent application by Google Inc., published 2013
Patent application by Google Inc., published 2013

Technical knowledge in its entirety, including relevant patents, is a valuable economic asset and indispensable for innovative enterprises.


This priceless expert knowledge cannot primarily be found in scientific publications but in patent documents. Experts estimate that about 70% to 90% of all scientific knowledge published is exclusively contained in patent documents. 


FIZ Karlsruhe collects patent and legal status information provided by the respective patent offices and combines it on one single search platform.

STN® – Precise Search for Information Professionals

STN is an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned. It is highly valued by firms active in chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, as well as patent offices, lawyers and research institutions.


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Search Service

The Search Service by FIZ Karlsruhe performs searches on behalf of clients using STN databases and compiles the results for presentation. All team members are information professionals with many years of search experience.


Searches can be contracted in the fields of patents, chemistry (including structural searches), bio- sequences, and toxicology (the REACH regulation)


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Research for Innovation – From Data Mining to Trend Mining

To detect new research trends in time is essential for enterprises.


The research project “Trend Mining für die Wissenschaft“ (trend mining for science) has the objective to apply text mining methods to the most difficult text type, i. e., to patents. This has never been done before.


The Leibniz Association is funding the project within its funding initiative for particularly innovative approaches.  


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Cultivating Strong Bonds With Our Partners

FIZ Karlsruhe operates STN International together with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the worldwide leader in chemistry information. Trusting partners for over 30 years, FIZ Karlsruhe and CAS are constantly striving to enhance STN International. We also cooperate with other providers of database content, including Clarivate Analytics and Elsevier.