Search and Analysis

To stand their ground in a challenging international environment, researchers need comprehensive high-quality information on the scientific state of the art. 

This applies to basic research at academic institutions as well as to applied research and industrial product development.


Many steps are required to turn an initial idea into a scientific publication or patented invention. A key factor of the entire research and innovation process is to secure it through the professional search for and procurement of information, followed by analysis and evaluation.

Professional Searches in Well-structured Expert Databases

Professional demands on the procurement of information cannot be satisfied by search engines with simple search options, but only by sophisticated databases designed and produced by experts.


This includes information services which, on the one hand, have been exactly matched to the content and search options of the databases and, on the other hand, meet the most ambitious demands of researchers and patent experts.


In this context, searching means the professional search for information in well-structured expert databases via a search service meeting the highest standards as to comprehensiveness and precision.

Analysis and Visualization of Search Results

Visualization of data via STNAnaVist
Visualization of data via STNAnaVist

Once the search for scientific information is completed, the results have to be systematically analyzed and visualized.  


Large amounts of information, as usually retrieved from such searches, can no longer be processed by reading individual publications. Analyzing such data requires tools that allow for systematically checking the information or data for patterns, contexts, and distinctive features.


In other words: the search results have to be scientifically analyzed and graphically visualized.

We Ensure that Information Can be Searched and Analyzed

To meet the high demands of science and industry on professional information providers, FIZ Karlsruhe ensures that information can be searched and analyzed:


This Means

...that our products and services support research and innovative processes, true to our motto: “Advancing Science“