Developing and Operating

We have the mission to provide scientists and researchers with scientific information, to strengthen knowledge transfer and innovation, and to support the collaboration in science and research. To this end we plan, develop, and operate innovative information services, in many cases together with our partners.


Our products have to live up to the expectations of the market. Therefore, we create robust software that meets all requirements as to performance, scalability, and system stability right from the beginning. Our usability experts ensure that our services let you reach your goals quickly and intuitively. 


Our test engineers guarantee that the software meets high quality standards. The early involvement of those responsible for the IT system ensures that software and IT infrastructure are optimally matched. We operate all IT systems in our own, highly performant, modern, and secure data processing center at FIZ Karlsruhe. Together with our broad and long-standing experience in planning and operating IT infrastructures, this ensures the excellent quality of our systems and information services with respect to confidentiality, availability, and integrity.


Particularly in a scientific environment, the specifications at the beginning of a project are often unclear or will change as the project proceeds. Therefore, we often apply agile processes such as SCRUM or Kanban, which enable us to respond flexibly to changes and to build services that meet the actual requirements.  


Instead of inventing the wheel over and over again, we use existing components and third-party systems – preferably open source components -, whenever possible. In turn, we often publish our own software as open source and actively contribute to open source projects. The close connection between our applied research and manifold projects realized together with scientific partners ensures that our systems and methods are always “cutting-edge“.  

Service all from one source

Our team of data analysts, specification analysts, software architects, software developers, IT administrators and project managers has a broad knowledge of computer science and natural sciences. This knowledge, combined with long-standing experience, ensures that our high-quality products exactly satisfy the requirements of our customers and partners.  


We provide you with information management services all from one source and guarantee that you will receive professional service.

We are here for you

Are you looking for a partner who will develop and operate your project in a scientific environment, in connection with our cultural heritage, or in the field of information management? Our experienced experts will be pleased to assist you in defining the specifications and in implementing and operating the service.


Dr. Leni Helmes

Dr. Leni Helmes
Senior Vice President IT, Development and Applied Research /

Phone: +49 7247 808 342