Repository Platforms

Many e-research projects and applications require comprehensive collaborative features, including data storage, access rights management, and version control. Yet designing a custom platform for each new project or application is prohibitively expensive. This is where eSciDoc comes in.

An e-research platform developed since 2004 by FIZ in collaboration with external partners, eSciDoc is a flexible repository solution offering a wide range of functionality for global scientific collaboration.

eSciDoc Next Generation

In 2014 the development of a fully revised version of eSciDoc began, with the aim of better meeting the challenges posed by continuously growing data volumes while at the same time augmenting ease of use.


The new version of the platform, which is called “eSciDoc Next Generation” (or eSciDoc NG for short), has been used in the “RADAR” and “Historischer Stadtraum interaktiv” (“Interactive Historical Urban Space”) projects.  


eSciDoc website

IAIS-Cortex Software

As part of its collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS), FIZ Karlsruhe uses the IAIS software application Cortex as a repository for some of its projects, including the German Digital Library and Archive Portal D. FIZ Karlsruhe is also involved in the further development of IAIS-Cortex.


IAIS-Cortex website