The innovative information portal for mathematical software

Modern mathematics would be unthinkable without computers and the appropriate software. Mathematical software solves mathematical problems and realizes mathematical models. It has therefore become an integral part of mathematical knowledge. Mathematical software is application-oriented and indispensable for many key technologies such as chip design, drug development, or the planning of mobile networks.

With its swMath database FIZ Karlsruhe significantly contributes to the indexing of mathematical software and to improving its searchability.

Currently, swMATH contains approximately 20,000 software packages and approximately 250,000 references to mathematical publications.

Screenshot swMATH
Screenshot swMATH

Publications bear reference to the software used

swMATH is based on the innovative assumption that there is a close relationship between publications and software. Publications may describe or bear reference to software that was designed to solve a certain problem. The software, in turn, may bear reference to the procedures and algorithms it is supposed to solve.

The first step in collecting data for swMATH is the analysis of zbMATH, the world’s largest and most comprehensive bibliographic database for mathematical literature. The database is systematically scanned for software references, and the retrieved information is automatically analyzed through heuristic procedures. The data thus obtained are then complemented with data provided by the mathematical community and on the internet; content is added, and errors are corrected. Annotation fields are also available. Each software referenced in swMATH can be unambiguously identified by its swMATH number. 

SwMATH is currently being further developed as part of the BMBF-funded Forschungscampus Modal together with the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB).