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FIZ News – 08.04.2020
Epidemics and their mathematical modelling
FIZ News – 24.03.2020
A special report from CAS (Chemical Abstract Service)
FIZ News – 12.03.2020
Statement by Prof. Franziska Boehm (FIZ Karlsruhe), Prof. Michael Meier (Uni Bonn) and Prof. Thorsten Strufe (KIT)
FIZ News – 03.03.2020
Researchers in developing countries will be offered access to ICSD Web, the world's largest database for inorganic crystal structures.
FIZ News – 15.01.2020
View a short video about our patent monitoring service.
FIZ News – 07.10.2019
Slides of the lecture held by Prof. Dr. Harald Sack on the occasion of “Dresdner WerkstoffWoche”.
FIZ News – 24.05.2019
Veranstaltungsbericht zum Copyright Day 2019
FIZ News – 21.05.2019
Workshop at the Semantics 2019 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany on the 12th of September 2019
FIZ News – 08.03.2019
Research project EIDI lays the foundations for automated recognition of identity theft and the warning of the victims