Obtaining crystal structure data

Legal reminder: Upon request, FIZ Karlsruhe provides CIF data of individual crystal structures (up to 3 CIF files per month), subject to their being used for research purposes only. The data contain proprietary information owned by FIZ Karlsruhe or by third parties. They must NOT be copied and passed on to third parties, neither in electronic nor in any other form. Backup copies are permitted for internal use and on a local computer system only.


Synchronization of data sets

The deposition number refers to the latest version of the structural data set submitted to FIZ Karlsruhe. Authors are obliged to inform FIZ Karlsruhe of any modifications made at a later stage.
If you are a registered user of the ICSD database (Inorganic Crystal Structure Database), you will also find the deposited inorganic crystal structure data sets in this database, with a short production-dependent delay. The records in ICSD are produced from the original publication and the deposited data and have the advantage of having undergone additional checking.


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