Translations of Asian patent documents

FIZ AutoDoc integrates new service

Experts translate patent documents from Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese into English for FIZ AutoDoc customers

Karlsruhe, January 2017 — FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure partners with Scipat Benelux B.V., a translation service specialized in patent and business translations, in order to provide FIZ AutoDoc customers with high-quality translations of patent documents. FIZ AutoDoc is FIZ Karlsruhe’s document delivery service.
Today, the competitive pressure on international enterprises is steadily increasing. Therefore, innovations are essential for their success. Technical innovations are protected by patents. At present, the number of patent applications in the Far East is significantly increasing. For European enterprises, too, it is extremely important to examine which new technologies have already been protected by others, in order to avoid expensive litigation. However, since initial patent applications are usually registered and published in the language of the applicant’s country, they can only be analyzed once they have been professionally translated into English. Machine translations are often faulty and therefore involve risks. In the ambitious field of patent texts, one word alone that has been incorrectly translated can result in serious misinterpretations and thus compromise an enterprise’s success. Therefore, the high quality of the translations provided by FIZ AutoDoc together with its partner Scipat constitutes a decisive advantage.  
The new translation service has been available to FIZ AutoDoc customers since September 2016. Customers may order translations of entire patent documents or of excerpts thereof, irrespective of whether the document was originally ordered via FIZ AutoDoc or not.
All translations are made by human translators instead of machines. They cover all areas from research, science, technology, and industry. The high quality of the translations is ensured by the fact that Scipat only employs certified translators who are native speakers with a university degree.  The patents will be translated from Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese into English. Translations from other languages are available on request. The standard turnaround time is 3 days from receipt of order. Prices are fixed prices charged by translated page and billed on the monthly FIZ AutoDoc invoice.
“We are glad to have won Scipat Benelux B.V. as a reliable, quality-conscious FIZ AutoDoc partner who is specialized in patent translations“, says Sabine Brünger-Weilandt, President & CEO of FIZ Karlsruhe. “Access to substantiated patent information is now more important than ever, and especially the Asian markets, whose language spectrum is covered by Scipat, are constantly gaining in importance. The new translation service provides our customers with an essential tool for further optimizing their workflows”.  
Scipat is proud of the new cooperation with FIZ and looks forward to fulfilling the FIZ AutoDoc customer needs, at the level that the customers are used to from FIZ Karlsruhe. “Scipat is very excited about the cooperation with FIZ Karlsruhe”, Christa Deinum, Scipat CEO, states. “With this expansion we are able to offer rapid, economic and efficient access to human translations to a large group of professionals, seamlessly integrated into FIZ AutoDoc”.
FIZ AutoDoc, FIZ Karlsruhe’s web-based, automated and copyright-compliant document delivery service, partners with numerous renowned national and international libraries and publishing houses. Scientific journal articles, conference proceedings, and patent documents are mainly made available electronically (pdf). Another asset of FIZ AutoDoc is that it can be easily integrated into the customer’s workflow.
SCIPAT was formed in 2006 by a small group of Intellectual Property (IP) specialists. They quickly recognized the need for high-quality translations for the technical researcher. Machine translations were serving a broad market adequately but highly technical research was underserved. Moreover, this highly technical research market could ONLY be served through human translations. The desire to meet this market need spawned SCIPAT. This fully translation-dedicated company was created to offer the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism with regard to translations. To this end, only college degree professionals with related industry experience are employed as translators.
FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure is a not-for-profit limited liability company and the largest non-academic information infrastructure institution in Germany. As such, its public mission is to develop and provide products and services for an information infrastructure to science, research, and industry. FIZ Karlsruhe strives to strengthen the transfer of knowledge in Germany and abroad and to support the promotion of innovation. FIZ Karlsruhe is a member of the Leibniz Association, which comprises more than 90 institutions involved in research activities and/or the development of scientific infrastructure.
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