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FIZ News – 15.03.2021
The current TOPORAZ release extends the survey area of the virtual research environment from the main town square to the entire historical center of Nuremberg.
FIZ News – 28.09.2020
Video of the discussion held online on September 9, 2020.
FIZ News – 17.09.2020
The focus is on new formats and media for interactive participation and participatory cultural education.
FIZ News – 31.07.2020
Please join us in our joint CSD/ICSD webinar on August 27th, 16:30-17:30 CET!
FIZ News – 16.07.2020
Rechtsgutachten von FIZ Karlsruhe zum Privacy Shield-Abkommen mit dem Urteil des EuGH bestätigt
FIZ News – 15.07.2020
FIZ Karlsruhe research group analyses and evaluates the Corona Warning App, released by the German government in June 2020. They conclude that it appears to ensure a high level of data protection
FIZ News – 09.07.2020
The COVID 19 pandemic with its complex infection process is in full swing. Mathematical models can describe the spread of the virus and thus form the basis for recommendations by politicians and authorities.
FIZ News – 24.06.2020
A FIZ Karlsruhe case study exploring the patent situation by means of the information service STN International
FIZ News – 13.05.2020
How meaningful are epidemic models? An analysis and assessment by the mathematicians of zbMATH