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BeneFIZe – 24.04.2018
Electrically powered cities
BeneFIZe – 05.03.2018
Girls‘ stuff and things
March 8 is International Women's Day. We will take this opportunity to remember some of the outstanding achievements of women in politics, science and society.
BeneFIZe – 18.12.2017
Lametta, Light and Luxury
BeneFIZe – 04.10.2017
Luther, a translation superstar
BeneFIZe – 07.09.2017
Nothing new in summer
BeneFIZe – 26.04.2017
My house, my idea, my data – how can we protect our property?
April 26 is the World Intellectual Property Day
BeneFIZe – 21.11.2016
More than just peanuts
2016 – The International Year of Pulses
BeneFIZe – 07.10.2016
Keep your hands off the wheel
BeneFIZe – 01.08.2016
The art of plastics recycling
BeneFIZe – 22.04.2016
Drone Patents in Ascent
Who are the Top Applicants?