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BeneFIZe – 03.02.2016
Layer by Layer…
Patent applications show: 3D printing is on the upswing
BeneFIZe – 19.11.2015
New Derwent Markush Resource Now Available on STN®
The completely redeveloped database "Derwent Markush Resource" has now been implemented on the new STN platform for the search and analysis of chemical Markush structures in patents.
BeneFIZe – 14.10.2015
The Power of the Moon – Innovative Tidal Plants
Innovation Analyzed through Patent Searching
BeneFIZe – 17.09.2015
Keeping an invention secret
Ha! Glad am I that no one knew…
BeneFIZe – 07.08.2015
Der Neuheitswert einer Erfindung
Das Rad muss bekanntlich nicht neu erfunden werden.
BeneFIZe – 16.02.2015
Defensive Publication
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
BeneFIZe – 10.11.2014
Solar cells are not used to their full potential from a technical point of view
2014 - international year of crystallography
BeneFIZe – 06.10.2014
Water – Liquid Gold
Innovations for Clean Water – Number of Patent Applications Increases
BeneFIZe – 21.05.2014
Office 99
Secret Patents
BeneFIZe – 04.04.2014
The Great Digging
Big Data, big hope