Everything you always wanted to know about Semantic Web Technologies - but were afraid to ask

Dec 6, 2017, Prof. Sack gave a dinner speech at the Semantics@Bayer Symposium "Semantics. Data. Analytics. 2017".

15 years ago the vision of the nearby Semantic Web future was subject of a prominent article in the popular science magazine Scientific American. Since then, a litte semantics has gone a long way. Linked data as lightweight implementation of the previously envisioned Semantic Web has become an instrument for low effort data integration. On the other hand, knowledge graphs as core of the information architecture are driving information systems in the Web as well as on the enterprise level.

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Karl Hammar defended his PhD thesis on Ontology Design Patterns

On September 29, Karl Hammar successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Content Ontology Design Patterns: Qualities, Methods, and Tools”. The thesis was first presented by the opponent, professor Harald Sack, FIZ, Karlsruhe, Germany, who then continued to discuss the research results and future ideas with Karl. The three members of the examining committee then continued the discussion with Karl, before unanimously deciding to approve his thesis and award the PhD degree to Karl.

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